Team Sumoflam Progress Report: I’m NOT Climbing Back Up That Mountain

(This is the fourth post of the progress that David "Sumoflam" Kravetz in his preparation to walk the 5K event at the Great American Fitness Challenge on June 13.  David is a member of the organizing team and has been preparing for this event as a first step in improving his health) Team Sumoflam [...]

There Is No Finish Line – Only Success by Rob Roy

In this short video clip, former Navy SEAL Rob Roy, the author of the "Navy SEAL Art of War", describes how fitness is the foundation of who we are and that success comes incrementally as we improve on our fitness efforts step by step. We are the only ones that set limits on who we [...]

Commitment from the Heart: Listen to the Outside Voice by Rob Roy

Quite often we talk ourselves into stopping early or not gutting it out for the last mile, etc.  According to Rob Roy, this is because we are listening to the little voice inside of us that ultimately leads to our not completely fulfilling our goals. Chief Rob Roy urges us to listen to our "outside [...]

Republic Bank: Financial Fitness is Important Too

These days becoming financially fit is as important as maintaining your physical fitness for a less stressful healthy lifestyle. As Kentucky’s largest community bank, Republic Bank offers a full array of banking services including the latest online and mobile banking technology, great for active people on the go. Our Popmoney® funds transfer makes sending money [...]

Finish Line Engravers to Engrave GAFC Finisher Medals

LATEST NEWS! Great American Fitness Challenge Medal Engraving at the Finish Line! The Great American Fitness Challenge has partnered with Finish Line Engravers to offer finishers the opportunity to have their name and chip time engraved on our cool finishers medals while you wait! Celebrate your passion, perseverance, and personal success on event day by [...]