2017 Event Start Times

2017 Event Start Times for Atlanta and Lexington

This year the Great American Fitness Challenge will consist of the LAND Challenge and SEA Challenge along with a 5K in Lexington. For the LAND Challenge waves will be starting at 7:00am and running every 30 minutes until 10:00am. The SEA Challenge will begin at 10:00am and waves will be running every 20 minutes until 6:00pm.

Open to the general public, the Great American Fitness Challenge is a series of fitness events designed for all condition levels. Created by BRAINBOX Intelligent Marketing from 15 years of fitness event experience across the country, and utilizing fitness aspects perfected in conjunction with the Navy SEALs and ARMY Rangers, the Great American Fitness Challenge promises participants and spectators an amazing fitness experience and the chance to connect with the community of fitness in a new and engaging way.

Our vision is to promote fitness for everyone with multiple races designed for those from beginner level to the everyday fitness enthusiasts, to America’s most fit in our elite events,” said Richard Ford, Chief Executive Officer of Lexington-based BrainBox Inc., creator of the event. “We want to show the world our state embraces physical fitness and healthy lifestyles”. Our slogan is ‘A Challenge for Everyone and Every One’s Invited‘, and we mean it. From families to top tier athletes, everyone is invited to participate, and have a great time doing it.

Participants who register by April  will pay $50 for the SEA and LAND Challenges and $25 for the Lexington 5K. Registration for the Fitness Challenge is available on the website, GAFitnessChallenge.com.


A National marketing company with headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, BrainBox Intelligent Marketing, LLC has established a franchise known as the Great American Fitness Challenge. Beginning with the Mid-East Region, the Great American Fitness Challenge will extend nationally to regions throughout the US. No matter what your fitness level, the goal of these events will be to encourage a healthy, fit lifestyle for everyone. Each one of the regional Challenges will be held in a unique venue celebrating the local flair of the community.


BrainBox Intelligent Marketing is a leader in activating events utilizing on the ground as well as social media marketing campaigns for major brands for over 15 years. The company, specializing in youth sports, collegiate sports and consumer products and services, has activated over 5000 successful marketing events since the company began in 1999.


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Media Contact

Richard Ford, President
Great American Fitness Challenge